Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Why doesn’t Caldwell Humane Society, Inc. take in animals, shelter them, and find homes for them?

I think we would all agree that Caldwell County has an overwhelming number of unwanted animals – on average, 5,000 dogs and cats are euthanized each year in Caldwell County alone. How can an all-volunteer group like CHS, Inc., with limited volunteer time and resources, do the greatest good for the most animals? By taking advantage of the multiplier effect of spaying and neutering. When an animal is spayed or neutered through our low-cost clinics, that animal will no longer have offspring….and it’s offspring will no longer have offspring….and the offspring’s offspring will no longer have offspring, and so on. If CHS, Inc. receives a donation of $250, we can help spay/neuter TEN animals with that money, and prevent unwanted births of many, many litters. If you took the same $250, it would not go very far towards food, shelter, veterinary exam fees, spay/neuter fees, heartworm & flea products, collar/leash, advertising for adoptive families, etc. for just ONE animal.

Is it heartbreaking that we can’t help all animals in need? YES! We all love animals and would help each and every one if we could. The reality is that the citizens of Caldwell County have created such a burden of unwanted animals that we feel we must focus on the most powerful weapon available – spaying and neutering.

One analogy would be that of a tree you needed to remove from your yard….would you pull the leaves off, one at a time, or would you cut the tree down at the trunk? Spaying and neutering pets is the equivalent of cutting the tree down at the trunk….cutting off the supply chain of unwanted animals, before they can be born to end up in the shelter and later in the landfill.

25 minutes away, at the Humane Society of Catawba County, there is a brand new multi-million dollar building containing a regional low-cost spay/neuter clinic. All they need are the animals to spay & neuter! To take advantage of their capacity, we just need dedicated volunteers to help us administer clinics and give Caldwell County citizens the opportunity to spay/neuter their pets, when they might not otherwise be able to afford to. We don’t have to sit back and wait for government officials or departments to solve the problem of pet overpopulation…..we can make it happen now, ourselves! Can YOU help?

CHS, Inc. welcomes volunteers, whether their available time is great or small. We encourage our volunteers to be involved with other animal groups & efforts, if they so choose, because we respect that each person’s perspective on how to help animals is unique. For those who do not feel compelled to help with spay/neuter clinics, we hope you will help animals in some other way. For those who feel we “should do more”, we challenge you to work side by side with us….at 6am on clinic mornings, in the dark & the cold…at noon on the day of clinic return, shuffling papers in a windy parking lot….cleaning animal carriers after the animals are returned to their owners...come and see how hard we are working to make monthly spay/neuter clinics a reality.

Our group’s specific goal is to put the Caldwell County animal shelter out of business by making spaying and neutering a routine part of responsible pet ownership in Caldwell County. In essence, we are working to achieve a “no kill COUNTY” through spaying and neutering.

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