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Caldwell Humane Society, Inc.
Annual Meeting Minutes
March 22, 2011
7:00 pm – Lenoir Public Library

CHS, Inc. President Joy Sharpe opened the meeting and welcomed attendees.

The minutes from the January 22, 2011 meeting had been distributed via email prior to the meeting; and were unanimously approved after a motion from Phyllis Braswell and a second by Julie Hallock.

Board of Directors Elections & Recognition
Outgoing Board members Jeni Stilwell and Lauren Clark were recognized for their years of service to the Humane Society. Under Article V, Section 3 of CHS Bylaws, a director may serve a maximum of two consecutive three year terms in which they were elected by the membership. After a mandatory one-year absence, a member may again stand for election or be appointed to the Board. Both directors were commended for their dedication and were awarded plaques in recognition of their service.

Educational Events
Penny gave a brief report on education events that CHS participated in during 2010; and plans for the coming year including PetSense, Blackberry and Butterfly Festivals and Bark in the Park. We are also handing out flyers at the Rabies Clinic April 2nd. Penny turned in $64 that she and Chia collected at the last spay/neuter clinic.

Volunteer signup sheets for April reservation sessions and clinic were passed out. Pre-orders for BIP t-shirts were taken at $7. They will be $10 at BIP. A color has not yet been decided.

2010 Year in Review and Treasurer’s Report
Jeni passed out the Profit and Loss Statement for last year showing a loss of $1,009.30; which was good considering the number of SPOT surgeries performed last year. Jeni answered a question about the telephone bill and explained it is for a cell phone which is the only way we can do our voice mail.

Joy reviewed 2010 Year in Review that had been distributed. Each year shows increased surgeries each year which can’t be done without our volunteers.

Ballots were collected from CHS dues-paying members. All votes were affirmative to accept the slate of directors as nominated: Phyllis Braswell and Joy Sharpe for re-election to new three-year terms; the election of Evin Conrad to one year (completing the third year of Emily Warren’s term); and the election to three-year terms of Julie Hallock, Regina Jones, Dianne Miller, and Lynne Williams.

Clinic Report
Ruby reported on the reservation and clinic numbers and encouraged volunteers to participate on Tuesday nights. April’s clinic is booked and we’re well into May. It was discussed whether we could do another clinic in April but Humane Alliance is fully scheduled for the month.

7th Annual Bark in the Park
Julie read the Bark in the Park report for Phyllis. Tonight is the deadline for sponsorship turn in; vendor deadline is April 22nd. Phyllis passed out a volunteer signup sheet and took orders for the BIP t-shirts which will be ordered on April 11th. Phyllis thanked everyone who worked on sponsorships and for the pet items turned in for the Silent Auction baskets. April 4th we will send out the volunteer signup sheet; and May 1st at 4:00 pm will be the volunteer meeting for BIP.

Pledges for Walk. Joy explained this is a way to raise money. We like to mention that $25 pays for a surgery. But any amount is good. It all adds up to prevent more unwanted pets from being born. Phyllis explained the release has to be signed on the Pledge Form – some of them were printed with the signature line cut off. There will be prizes for top pledge raisers.

Recognition of 2010 Volunteers
We had approximately 80 volunteers last year; some just one time and many faithful that come over and over again, putting in hours and hours of volunteering. We have a lot of hard-working volunteers. We made it through a wet clinic day last month, doing 76 surgeries and that’s worth getting a little wet for. Joy thanked the volunteers and encouraged all to invite their friends. We need all the volunteers we can get. Children are welcome, too. (They just can’t be in the crating area near the animals.)

With no further business, the meeting was concluded at 7:40 pm. Refreshments were served.

Future Meeting Dates
Sunday, May 1, 2011 at 4:00 pm (Bark in the Park volunteer meeting)
Tuesday, June 28, 2011 (regular meeting)
Tuesday, August 23, 2011 (regular meeting) Cancelled
Tuesday, October 25, 2011 (regular meeting)

Caldwell Humane Society, Inc. 2010 Year In Review
Caldwell Humane Society, Inc. Profit & Loss by Class

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